Vitamins for Women: What should they take and Why?

Vitamins are the vital nutrients required by the body in trace amounts. These cannot be synthesized by the body itself therefore a proper and regular dietary intake is essential to meet the necessary requirements. These are primarily of two types which are fat soluble vitamins and the other are water soluble vitamins. The fat soluble Read more about Vitamins for Women: What should they take and Why?[…]

Depression Infographic

Depression, a very commonly heard term, is an extremely common problem in today’s world. The number of cases diagnosed for depression worldwide is increasing at an alarming rate making it a leading cause of disability worldwide. According to WHO, 350 million people suffer from depression. India ranks 5th in the world with a diagnosis of Read more about Depression Infographic[…]

T4 Syndrome: Know the Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

The thoracic spine is a complex structure made from a series of twelve small bones called vertebrae named as T1 to T12. These lie in the upper back region forming the mid-structure of the spine. The thoracic spine is strongly attached to the rib cage thus provides support and stability to the body along with Read more about T4 Syndrome: Know the Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment[…]

Eating Healthy for a Healthy Heart

The key to a happy and healthy life is to maintain a healthy heart and to maintain a healthy heart, a healthy lifestyle along with a healthy diet is extremely important. A cardiac diet aims at lowering heart diseases and the amount of cholesterol. A healthy heart requires variety of foods which include fruits, vegetables, Read more about Eating Healthy for a Healthy Heart[…]

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