February 20, 2020
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Revealing the best and the worst diets for 2020 – If weight loss is in your mind

Eating right needs to be a priority for all those who wish to achieve optimum and sustainable weight loss goals. Though we are aware of the fact that a diet is the most vital part of a weight loss strategy, yet we often get confused when we search the internet for the ‘best diet’. There are several diet trends that work as well as fad diets which definitely don’t work and these can all baffle you. There can be no diet that fits all and so it is tricky for an individual to circle out one single diet to lose weight or stay healthy.

Battle of diets

The US News and World Report’s 2020 ranking of the best diets have already been published.  An eminent panel of medical specialists, a panel of nutritionists who were involved in weight management, diabetes and cardiac health compared a list of 35 diet plans which are mostly followed and this list even included the fad and trendy diet programs which shook the internet at some point of time. The parameters included ease of following them, nutritional profile, safety, sustainability (both long term and short term), health benefits and side effects.

Which diet was ranked the best?

Based on the way they ranked the diets, the Mediterranean diet was undoubtedly ranked as the best diet for weight watchers and this diet out shone all other diets. This was not only the overall best diet but also the easiest one to follow for the individuals. This is a plant-based diet that could also prevent diabetes.

Why is the Mediterranean diet best?

This diet focuses on eating less sugar, red meat and saturated fat and more of whole grains and nuts. Apart from embracing a healthy lifestyle, the experts think that the Mediterranean diet assisted people in combating several other health issues including cardiac disorders. It is also simple in nature and hence easy-to-follow.

The flexitarian diet is yet another talked-of diet plan which ranked just after Mediterranean diet plan and it is compelling due to its wide-ranging benefits like curing heart diseases and promoting weight loss. Moreover, the MIND and the DASH diet were also among the praised ones.

Which are the bad diets?

For all the Keto fans, there’s bad news as the KETO diet has been ranked as the ‘worst’ diet plan mostly due to its restrictive nature. The KETO diet never works for you and can never let you win the weight management battle because it is simply termed as ‘dangerous’. Moreover the panel members also stressed on the lack of sustainability of such restrictive diets like KETO and the other high-fat and low-carb diets. The Whole-30 diet was also ranked as a bad diet due to lack of ease in following them.

So, if you’re a health conscious person who is planning to achieve all your health goals in 2020, make sure you follow the best diet and follow a daily routine of exercise and workout.

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