August 11, 2020

Answering few questions on the Novel Coronavirus – Yes you can prevent it!

As the United States of America is facing the scariest Coronavirus outbreak, it is most likely that you will wonder whether or not you may get affected by respiratory illness and what needs to be done about it. Till the 16th of March, there were more than 4000 cases of Coronavirus suspects and a dozen of deaths being reported in America, as per the tracker of New York Times. However, the outbreak seems to be much bigger due to lack of testing options worldwide.

With the pandemic spread of Coronavirus, it is severely straining our healthcare system and hence we require taking collective measures to safeguard ourselves from any harm.

COVID-19 – How do I get it?

This virus is mostly spread through close contact with people who are infected and who are within a distance of 6 feet. As they sneeze or cough, they release droplets into the air which may land up in someone else’s nose or mouth and through the breathing process, get inhaled. This way the virus directly lands in the lungs of a person.

The only positive news amidst this state of horror is that this transmission can be prevented with good hygiene and self-quarantine. Wash your hands carefully for 20 seconds with soap as this is better than using hand sanitizer. Cancel all your travel plans and social gatherings as this will prevent transmission of the virus.

I’m healthy and young. Do I require being anxious about falling sick or disseminating the virus?

The answer to this is definitely a ‘Yes’. If all people, irrespective of their age, practice social distancing, this can help. It is not that everyone has immunity and there are chances of not getting ill and spreading the virus. When the healthy and young fall sick, there will also be an increase in the number of older people falling sick.

Social quarantine – The equation behind it

When a person roams around with no protective gears, 1 person can affect 2.5 others and hence you can well understand how soon the virus can multiply. Medical staff and hospitals can soon face an overwhelming situation. Nearly 5% of the Covid-19 patients require intensive care and demands hospitalization for several weeks.

Oops should I get the symptoms if I touched my face?

Fever is the most common symptom of Covid-19 and this is seen in 90% of the patients. Shortness of breath and dry cough also accompany fever among few. A survey done on 75 patients in china also proved that nausea, diarrhea or vomiting are also symptoms of this disease. However the WHO says that these symptoms appear gradually. Bruce Aylward of World Health Organization clarified that a mild case of Coronavirus can’t be equated with mild cold. You should expect severe cases like excessive coughing, fever resulting to pneumonia and breathing trouble. Later on it may lead to respiratory failure and failure of multiple organs.

Currently, there is no surefire vaccine that could protect you from novel Coronavirus but there are certainly several medicines that are successfully treating the symptoms of the same. There is large-scale testing that is being done to determine whether or not all these treatments are 100% safe.

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