July 6, 2020

Depression Infographic

Depression, a very commonly heard term, is an extremely common problem in today’s world. The number of cases diagnosed for depression worldwide is increasing at an alarming rate making it a leading cause of disability worldwide. According to WHO, 350 million people suffer from depression. India ranks 5th in the world with a diagnosis of 1 in every 10 people suffering from depression at any given point of time. This is the number that is reported based on the number of people seeking help; there could be many who go undiagnosed due to lack of seeking help, awareness and stigma. Let’s have a look at the details of depression in brief.

Courtesy: http://www.dcoe.mil/blog/15-10-29/Treatment_Works_Get_Help_for_Depression.aspx

Image Courtesy: http://www.dcoe.mil/blog/15-10-29/Treatment_Works_Get_Help_for_Depression.aspx


Image Courtesy: https://lilpickmeup.com/2014/08/18/the-daunting-statistics-on-depression-suicide-more-awareness-less-stigma/

Note: This information is only for reference and is not a substitute of a medical care in any form. Kindly consult with a Healthcare Professional for detailed diagnosis, treatment and follow up.

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