August 11, 2020
mental health

If you’re suffering from mental health disorder, you’re not alone – The World is with you

We often find people asking, ‘If life is lot easier than previous days, then why are mental illnesses like depression and anxiety attacks on the rise?’ Well, life is definitely much easier than what it was 5 decades back but despite that, mental health disorders are dramatically on the rise. Few researchers from NYU Langone Medical Center found out earlier in 2019 that more Americans nowadays suffer from SPD (serious psychological distress). To be precise, as per the federal health database, 3.8% of the American population or more than 9 million American adults are surviving with SPD.

As per the American CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that is responsible for conducting the National Health Interview Survey, SPD is a disease that comprises feelings of worthlessness, sadness along with restlessness which can be damaging enough to impair the well-being of a person, both mentally and physically.

The situation is bleak when we speak of ‘suicide’

Another study at the Pediatric Academic Societies meeting held in the May 2018 found that the total number of teenagers and children who were admitted in hospitals for suicidal thoughts or thoughts of self-harm have doubled since the last decade. Sadly enough, there are several other studies that report similar trends of rising suicides related to mental health illnesses. This trend is particularly true among teens and children.

What has changed? Why such dramatic rise?

  • Heightened pressures from parents
  • Increased dependency on electronic media
  • Performance pressure in fields like career, education and financial
  • Drastic increase in TV shows, video games and movies that show violence
  • Pressure on social media
  • Confusion about sexual orientation
  • Reduce in instances of face-to-face interactions
  • Diminishing contact with parents due to staying separated from families
  • The ‘I-Me-My’ generation that believes in getting whatever they want
  • Falling expectations among young adults

One more reason that is being wrongly speculated by people around is the decline in organizations that offer mental health services. This is definitely not the case as studies and reports clearly reveal an increase in the use of such services. The American Psychological Association conducted a poll were adults and adolescents were asked to give a reason behind their stressed lives.

As per the results of the survey, the adolescents, who fall under the Gen Z category, are the ones who majorly seek help of providers of mental health services. What may be considered as the common sources of their stressed situations? Sexual assault, harassment, the way immigrants are treated, deportation, the sluggish economy, poor condition of job market, the constant pressure of having to secure their financial future, racial discrimination and the dicey political environment of the country are few among the long list of potential reasons.

To conclude, it is sad enough to note that there is no such surefire solution to this mental illness epidemic. Considering the way the society is heading, it is most unlikely that there’ll be any positive change. All you can do is speak up about your mental health issue instead of hiding it and seek support from the resources that are available around you.

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