August 11, 2020
stage 3 of covid-19

Is India prepared enough to enter Stage 3 of this global pandemic?

Reports suggest that the government of India has begun sprucing up its healthcare infrastructure as the country is preparing to enter Stage 3 of COVID-19 pandemic. There have been several recommendations from the members and task force of COVID-19 though the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) still thinks that there is no case of community transmission as of now. Kejriwal has reported during a press conference that he has received several reports from a panel of doctors who have asked the medical health professionals to prepare for entering Stage 3.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research, India is currently at the transition stage from Stage 2 to Stage 3. India has begun implementing all sorts of strategies too early as compared to other countries that started late and hence faced the disaster. India looks forward to increasing its stock of testing kits so that more and more people can be tested and diagnosed at the right time.

Stage 3- What is the meaning of it?

Doctors and medical experts define the 4 stages of COVID-19 as follows:

: This is the ‘Imported Cases’ stage when all the active COVID-19 cases have had some sort of travel history where the patients travelled to and fro affected countries.

: This is the “Local Transmission’ stage where India is presently in, where the virus gets transferred from patients of Stage1 to people who come in touch with them.

: This is the ‘Community Transmission’ stage where the transmission source couldn’t be traced for most of the cases. Here the ‘tested-positive’ cases won’t have any travel history and they might not have even come in contact with ‘positive’ patients.

: This is the final ‘Epidemic’ stage where the disease will take the form of a pandemic. Transmission of the virus will be totally out of control and the spread of the disease won’t have any end.

Entering the third stage – What would that mean?

As you enter the third stage of COVID-19 transmission, this would require several patients to be tested, put on quarantine and treated. India’s healthcare system is already under huge pressure and a planning body has urged fit doctors to volunteer for this fight against COVID-19. Retired doctors or those who had worked for military personnel could be the best volunteers.

There are already several healthcare practitioners who have been tested positive with COVID-19 due to the extreme shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Unless there are more PPEs in the country, it is tough to save the doctors from contracting the virus.

As of now, the Ministry of Health confirms time and again that there are still no such signs that would prompt the entry to Stage 3. It is only by practicing social distancing that we can prevent our country from entering Stage 3 of COVID-19. In fact, this is the only solution that we have in our hands. When the developed and less populated nations couldn’t handle the situation, how can we expect a country like India with a massive population to emerge successful?

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