August 11, 2020

Make sure you know all these things about COVID-19 before panicking

As the World Health Organization recently announced a state of worldwide health emergency due to the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) that killed approximately 5000 people all over the world followed by a sudden outbreak in Wuhan, the central Chinese city. Read on to educate yourself on this virus before spreading panic.

Coronavirus – What are they?

Coronavirus belongs to a larger body of viruses that can have its impact on both human beings and animals. It causes respiratory disease that range from mild issues like common cough and cold and severe issues like pneumonia. Coronaviruses that occur in animals also infect human beings and spread later on. Do you remember the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) that occurred in 2002-2003? This epidemic is similar to that and it is called MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome).

Coronavirus – How does it spread & how to protect yourself

Among human beings, this virus usually spreads when you sneeze or cough or come in personal contact with a person who is already infected with COVID-19. If a person touches an infected area and then with the same hand touches his nose, eyes or mouth, this can spread the infection. The CDC or Centers for Disease Control recommends practicing several hygienic practices like washing hands frequently, remaining hydrated, coughing into a tissue or into one’s arm and staying at home in case you feel ill.

Coronavirus – What are the symptoms?

As per reports from WHO, an infected person will show signs of cough and cold, fever, breathing troubles and shortness of breath. Among the severe cases, this can lead to pneumonia, organ failure and also death. Doctors reveal that the incubation period, the time between which the infection occurs and the symptoms are visible range from one to 14 days. Majority of the infected people show symptoms within 5-6 days. However, there are several infected patients who don’t display any such symptoms despite having the virus within them.

Coronavirus – How dangerous can it get?

Presently, there have been more than 4500 recorded deaths all over the world and the number of fatalities from this virus COVID-19 has exceeded the toll of the SARS outbreak (2002-2003) which even originated in China. SARS had killed around 10% of those that it infected and 800 people all over the world within 300 people only in China. This new Coronavirus is spreading heavily in China as compared to SARS and the rate or mortality is lower at around 2%, as per reports from WHO.

Should you steer clear of traveling?

In response to the corona virus outbreak, the US State Department has issued travel advisories for different countries. The CDC reported on 13th March, 2020 that travelers who had compromised health issues avoid cruise travel as this would raise the risk of spreading infectious diseases. Experts and health analysts advise you to cancel international plans presently, particularly those that include long plane trips. So, instead of panicking and spreading the panic, take little steps on your own to protect yourself from the deadly virus.

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