June 6, 2020
skin care tips after menopause

Menopause-proofing your daily skin care regime – Don’t let it secretly age you

If you have to know about the effects menopause has on your skin, it’s certainly not going to be a happy reading for you. Wider middle, thin skin, coarse hair and weak bones are few of the things that come with menopause but before you feel sad about it, you should know that there are ways of bypassing them. With the increasingly large number of women who have become vocal about menopause and their side-effects, there is also a consequential rise in the number of services and products that address the needs of women at different stages.

Menopause and its impact on your skin

Menopause brings about several changes to your skin and the main reason behind this is that your body stops making collagen. Women tend to shed the fat under their skin and this makes their skin less elastic. Hormonal imbalances cause dryness and sagging especially near your jawline, neck and cheeks. Wrinkles and fine lines also start occurring and these are known as crow’s feet. Here’s how you can take care of your skin.

  • Clean your skin

The foremost step to take is to clean your skin particularly when you start getting old. With age, the skin begins to get drier and hence your skin feels better when you give it extra moisture. However, make sure you use the most appropriate cleanser that is right for your skin. Choose a cleanser with creamy formula that not just hydrates your face but also seal the moisture.

  • Hydrate your skin

Post menopause, your skin dries as the oil glands are not as active as they were when you were young. Apply heavier cream to seal the moisture of your skin. Avoid taking too long showers in hot water and put moisturizer when your skin is already wet as this helps increase the hydration of your skin.

  • SPF is something that you’ll need

Although wrinkling and skin cancer are caused due to the time you’ve exposed yourself to sun during your 20s, 30s and 40s, yet even after you age, you would still require protecting your skin. Your skin has a natural power of protecting itself and this power decreases while you age. Hence, you should at least apply an SPF30 sunscreen lotion everyday.

  • Reduce skin wrinkles

From too much damage caused due to sun during your younger years or hormonal changes, you may start getting wrinkles. When the level of hormone decreases with age, this changes the quality of your skin and these are more visible when you have dry skin. Therefore, use moisturizer on your face, neck and jawline and watch out for skin care products that are especially designed to combat sagging skin and fine lines.

Therefore, now that you’re familiar with the ways in which you can menopause-proof your daily skin care routine, what are you waiting for? Try and adopt the steps mentioned above and get brighter appearance even after aging.

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